Flight schedule

TerrAvion delivers for a fixed price per acre cost

OverView, TerrAvion’s imagery delivery platform, is sold on a per acre basis for the complete growing season. We provide tailored subscription packages for each region we operate in; this provides the best value for the specific crops grown in your area. Due to our operational model, our price per acre per season might be substantially more affordable than you think. Also, we offer custom schedules for flights outside of our coverage area or flight schedule. Custom flights are charged per dispatch plus per acre imaged. Additional coverage is not subjected to the initial dispatch charge as long as the flight is already scheduled within the requested time-frame. Ask your agronomist or your equipment distributor for the best pricing in your area!

+1 925 399 8796 for a quote or send an email to support@terravion.com.

Coverage zones

TerrAvion offers service in most of the US agronomic regions.  If you need imagery outside of the regions shown below, reach out to our custom quote team.  You will be surprised how affordable it may be.

TerrAvion Coverage Zone Map

Flight schedules

TerrAvion will provide one image per flight cycle based on the schedule below. We try to image your blocks on the same day each week, but various factors, including the weather and flight operations, may force us to collect imagery a few days before or after. Though, our track record has indicated strong adherence to our schedule. This schedule is designed to give you an up-to-date view during critical times in the growing season.

Flight cycles

The TerrAvion flight team operates within flight cycles, a block of days our pilots and operations team are given to carry out their flight plans and process your imagery. The TerrAvion team can deliver imagery anytime during a flight cycle, although we always strive to deliver imagery at consistent intervals. If you are TerrAvion customer wondering when to expect your imagery, you are guaranteed to have an image by the end date of your flight cycle.

Overnight image delivery

TerrAvion delivers your data to you through the OverView web portal the day after we collect your data. Our average delivery time, from the moment imagery is captured until it is delivered into your OverView account, is 11.2 hours. You can use most web-connected devices to view your imagery, including iPhones and Android devices. Whether you want to view your data in OverView, precision ag platforms, Google Earth, or a dedicated GIS program, your data is ready to view. This means that you can be up early, deciding what you want to do next. OverView does not tell you what to do next; it gives you the information you need to make better operational decisions. You will receive an invitation to log in to the OverView web portal once your order is processed. For more information regarding pricing and flight schedules, please send an email to support@terravion.com or call +1 (925) 399-8796.

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